Bring Your Business To The Point Where You Could Vacation For A Year, Or Retire Off An Acquisition

Build the processes and lead generation machine that makes your company self-sufficient

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The Growth And Acquisition Of Sonic Solar

The lead generation tactics and documented processes were what drove this company to success.


Good marketing is good data. Tracking your marketing channels brings clarity.


Consistent leads are the lifeblood of your business. We bring them to you.


Understand where your sales process lacks, and get insight on fixing it.


The reason behind why you get the call needs to be crystal clear.

The Team

Austin and Trent are partnered to bring something unique to marketing consulting. Combining sales excellency, operational diligence, and high caliber marketing, Austin and Trent know what it takes for a business to succeed.

Austin Pena, CTO of Clarivity

Trent Lessar

Trent's Lessar is the sales and operational expert that helps businesses find and fix bottlenecks.

Austin Pena, CTO of Clarivity

Austin Pena

Austin Pena manages digital strategy and the team that executes on all of Clarivity's strategy.


Building A Website That Converts At 27%

Our core strategy for building businesses shone here to help Joey's site outperform his competitors

Screenshot of Joey's Website


17x ROI While Adapting To The Competitive LA Market

The exact strategy we apply to every campaign to bring success.

Screenshot of Joey's Website

What You Get Is Dead Simple

Getting the complete visuals of how customers flow, or don’t flow through your business enables you to make smarter decisions

Find What Sets You Apart

We help you stop selling the same way as everyone and open up a whole new market of value shoppers.

Get Your Data in Order

If you can’t easily find out how much each marketing channel makes you in profit, you’ve got a problem.

Close. Crossel. Upsell.

Our proven processes help businesses discover new streams of revenue.

Interested In Seeing Our First Steps?

We’ve got a short video that details exactly what it’s like to work with us

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