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Austin Pena

Austin’s not afraid to get his hands a little dirty. Pictured left, he’s shown in an ad he directed for Shark Tank product Guzzle buddy which earned tens of millions of views.

Austin Pena shooting a viral video

Off the success of his organic social media campaigns, Austin worked with local service businesses to find their competitive edge and deliver stellar results.

Always enjoying building relationships, Austin signed a fewer number of large clients and built out systems and processes to aid sales teams and measure effectiveness of marketing campaigns.

Austin Pena shooting a viral video

Following the success he had in his marketing campaigns, Austin founded easylanding.io, a software as a service built for looking for a competitive edge for their landing pages.

First meeting Trent when he built his site, Austin and Trent became fast friends. When Trent sold his company, Austin and Trent strategized on how they could bring the success Sonic Solar had to the wider market and founded Clarivity.

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