Building A Website That Converts At 27%

Authored By Austin Pena


I'm going to let you in on a little secret about building good websites, something that 90% of web designers ignore.

The design of the website isn’t the most important part.

How pretty your website looks isn’t all that important.

Do you want to know the two actually important parts of a website?

Clear and compelling words, and an easy way to contact the business.

I swear to you that’s it.

However, creating compelling copy is by far the most challenging part of building a website, or running a marketing campaign.

Writing compelling copy relies on understanding the business, the customer and of course being able to effectively communicate what is understood.

This is a case study that shows you how we our understanding of Joey's business to build a website that converts 27% of Google Ads traffic

A Website Is a Sales Pitch

Or it should be, anyway.

When a customer comes to Joey’s site, they’re looking for something called SR22 insurance. Essentially, it’s for high risk drivers who may have recently gotten a DUI and need an additional coverage in order to meet a DMV requirement.

When a customer comes to the page, we’ve found these two things are on their mind:

  1. I’m going to have to pay so much more for my insurance because of my incident
  2. I need to get this SR22 filed quickly otherwise my license will be suspended

Because these are so simple, many of Joey’s competitor’s were doing okay jobs. In order to compete, we knew we needed to bring something different to the table.

Breath Easy Insurance, one of Joey's competitors

Finding A Better Angle

Through customer research and testing, we landed on Joey’s promises being made of the following elements:

  1. Same day service
  2. Comparing 50 insurance providers to find the best price
  3. Concierge, “satisfaction guaranteed” service

Developing a website with this in mind meant we should start with the core promise: get your license back today.

top of Joey Hernandez Insurance

We don’t expect every customer to come from this top section, but if it doesn’t address the customer’s core desire, there’s no way they’ll convert.

You can see in the picture above we visually show a simple process and have a Call To Action to start a same day service, and a button that opens into a clear form.

top of Joey Hernandez Insurance

Alright, let’s say that the customer didn’t convert here. That’s okay! Chances are they still have a pressing question on their mind:

What will this cost me, and can you keep my prices low?

Our aim is to both show and tell with the next section that yes, Joey will do everything possible to keep prices low.

Combined with good copy, we highlighted the potential dramatic differences between different providers and made one insurance agency stand out from the crowd. The message here is clear, there’s going to be a dramatic difference between what different agencies can offer, and Joey will help you find the one with the best price.

top of Joey Hernandez Insurance

The rest of the site, shown in context, all speak to the same promises made above. The result is a concise website that converted Google Ads traffic at 27% for searches like “SR22 Insurance California.”

top of Joey Hernandez Insurance full website

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