Building a 17x ROI Google Ads Campaign In a Competitive Market

Authored By Austin Pena

Webpage of Twin Home Experts For a Mold Campaign

This is not a post about a Google Ads strategies you can quickly implement to make your campaigns run better.

This is not a case study that will show you some “brand new” way to find your leads.

This is a case study that shows how customer research and relentless testing leads to better results and more profit.

September 2019. The Twin Home Experts were working with their third or fourth marketing agency, and despite the marketer claiming success, they knew something was off.

Looking to verify that their marketer was performing the way that he claimed, they reached out for an audit. What was found was typical of marketers.

This doesn’t shock me, and it shouldn’t shock you.

This is the business model of ad agencies. They sell clients, do work to get them to the point where they don’t want to cancel, email a pretty report once a month, and then ride it out for as long as they can.

It stems from one impossible to miss problem.

Most Marketers Don't Know Your Business, And Don't Care To Find Out.

Here’s the truth that drives Clarivity’s success in ads. We find what sets you apart from your competitors, and then find which of those competitive advantages drive the most customer action.

This is a case study of how that works.

For the last several years of Google Ads, here was the Twin Home’s offer:

Family Owned Business Serving LA for 30 Years

Through research, we found their competitor’s most common ad copy, and guess what it said? The same type of message. When someone searched “Mold Remediation Near Me” they were hit with the following:

Competitor #1 Mold Remediation | Servicing LA for 30 Years

Twin Home Mold Remediation | Servicing LA for 30 Years

Competitor #2 Mold Remediation | Servicing LA for 30 Years

I’m sure you can see the problem here. There was no differentiation. Costs were going up and leads were getting worse.

You’re probably also not surprised that the quality of the leads that came through were poor. They ended up being lower intent leads, not the value shoppers everyone wants.

To turn around the campaign we did our standard work:

But that wasn't what drove our success, that just enabled it.

To really unlock the ROI Twin Home wanted, we went on a mission to:

  1. Find the biggest customer pain points
  2. Research how the competition was positioning themselves to solve those pain points
  3. Determine how the Twin Home Experts could leverage their competitive advantages to create offers that beat their competition

Phase One: Pain Point Research

There’s no excuse for an agency to rely on the business owners idea of what drives customer habits.

Through real conversations with customers, video reviews of marketing materials and scouring the web of what kind of questions were asked about mold remediation, we determined that customers cared about these three things

  1. Speed of service
  2. Mold coming back
  3. Price
  4. Reliability
  5. Disruption of life

Not surprising, right? If you had mold in your home, wouldn’t you consider all of the above?

Phase Two: Competitor Research

Using one of our favorite tools spyfu (give it a try for free!), we found that the most common offers around mold were:

  1. Associating a price with a mold inspection
  2. Compare quotes between companies (Home Advisor/ Angie’s List style ads)
  3. Length the company had been in business and reviews (reputation)

We also saw a lot of headlines like:

Get Your Mold Removed Fast

Best Mold Remediation

Affordable Remediation

See a problem with the above headlines? They’re incredibly nonspecific!

Everyone has heard the same things before.

Oh, you’re the “best”, or are “affordable”, or can do it “quickly”? After the 10,000th time someone sees an ad like that, they’re not going to believe it anymore.

Armed with this knowledge, we knew we needed to be specific.

Phase Three: Crafting and Testing Offers

Founders Jim and Dave Scheulke had been selling their services for decades and were no strangers to what got their customers to close.

They had spent so long building their business to be “sales-friendly”, they had already done the hard work of building offers that got people to convert. The last piece of the puzzle was translating these offers into a web friendly format.

We started out with three primary offers:

A better offer combined with specificity drove our success"

If you’re a customer and see these two headlines, which will you choose?

Affordable Mold Remediation

Save With Destruction Free Mold Remediation

How about these two?

Fast Mold Remediation

Same Day Service For Mold Remediation

The answer is obvious right? Adding a specific and new way to accomplish what the customer was already wanting makes the offer much more attractive!

Below are just a few ways we showed off the different offers in a specific way:

destruction free mold remediation compared to destructive mold remediation
Header of Twin Home Experts landing page
Jim and Dave Scheulke giving a thumbs up on a web page
Call to action for saving money with destruction free mold remediation
Comparison boxes for Twin Home versus others

We found that for mold remediation, the 'destruction free' promise was more than twice as effective as talking highlighting testimonials, and 32% more effective than leading with same day service.

These changes, turned an unprofitable Google Ads campaign, into a 17x ROI success story.

Wrapping Up

This lead generation strategy, combined with our advanced tracking the team at Twin Home was very happy.

I can’t communicate how amazing you’ve been. From educating me on the cold hard numbers to showing how to track everything it’s been phenomenal.

Jim Scheulke

This was not a story about how Clarivity are so good at Google Ads we were able to deliver results.

This was a story about how Clarivity researched Twin Home’s market and worked with Twin Home to really let them shine.

We executed and guided to get to the offers, but the real magic happened with the ads and the business working together.

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